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APR Plastic Fabricating manufactures rectangular tanks, a type of wet-side tank, which have the unique capability of holding large amounts of water – 50 to 4,000 gallons - in a relatively small area. 


APR rectangular tanks are made from high quality copolymer polypropylene and can be easily painted or, when using black matte material, left unpainted.  Our leak-proof extrusion welds are finished clean to allow for an exterior that is convenient to prep and paint. APR’s superior baffling system acts as the tank’s primary structural support system.  Rectangular tanks are typically utilized with tanker trucks (tenders), pumper trucks (aerials) and can also be used with brush or wild land trucks.  Rectangular tanks offer both an economical and ideal solution for delivering a large quantity of water to the fire scene.


  • Fill tower and tank cover

  • Sump with 3” FNPT drain

  • Outlets per specifications

  • Baffles with “finger-lock” design

  • Optional foam cells

  • More optional equipment available

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