At APR Plastic Fabricating, our tanks are built to the highest quality standards offering a long list of product features and optional equipment. 


Fill Tower and Tank Cover

  • Combination pipe vent/overflow to allow "air make-up" while pumping and eliminate overflowing messes while filling

  • Manual fill tower with lid for convenient filling

  • Removable poly screen keeping debris out

  • Minimum 2 lifting lugs in tank covers for installation

  • 2” copolymer dowels, drilled and tapped to accommodate removable lifting eyes

  • Lifting dowels welded to internal baffles and extended through covers to assist in minimizing cover flex during normal operation



  • One standard sump with a 3” FNPT drain with plug on bottom

  • Internal draw type suction fitting with dip tube (when required) “tank-to-pump” when pumping from the tank

  • Anti-swirl plate positioned to minimize formation of vortices



  • Per customer specifications



  • Designed to allow for customer specified flow rates

  • Designed for prevention of severe liquid load shifting during transport

  • Meet or exceed NFPA 1901-99 standards, extrusion welded with “finger-lock” design


Optional Foam Boxes

  • Fill tower with hinged lid and gasket

  • Closure latch

  • Pressure/vacuum valve

  • Removable screen


Other Optional Equipment

  • Thru sleeves

  • Thru storage boxes

  • Equipment storage boxes

  • Hose rack and hose reel mounts

  • Housings

  • Enclosures

  • High-side compartments

  • Custom add-ons


Not all listed features are standard or available as options on all products. Contact us for complete product details or get a quote.


APR Plastic Fabricating is family owned and operated. We have been designing and fabricating custom polypropylene products since 1985.

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