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APR Plastic Fabricating manufactures custom truck bodies for fire apparatus and other emergency service vehicles.


APR fire truck bodies are built using the highest quality copolymer polypropylene available in today's markets. As with everything we do, attention is paid to detail quality and printability. APR fire truck bodies are used in lieu of steel or stainless steel cabinetry and can be integrated into the water holding tank or stand alone units. Brackets and t-mountings can be installed within each cabinet. Doors can be custom made by APR with gas springs, locking D-ring latches and stainless steel hinges or we can install brackets for roll-up doors.  Whatever your unique needs, APR can work with your design or existing truck to provide you with the exact fire truck body you need.  We can also incorporate the addition of custom equipment and accessories on your fire truck body.


  • High-side compartments

  • Customizable to incorporate any equipment or accessories needed

  • Polypropylene material is rust-proof and free of corrosion

  • Lighter and longer-lasting than steel, aluminum or fiberglass

  • Optional brackets and T-mountings

  • Optional custom-made doors


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